About US

Ultimate is a non-contact, highly aerobic, self-regulated team sport, played with a flying disc; and, a respect for the “Spirit of the Game”.  

  • Ultimate is highly cardiovascular development of personal physical fitness in inevitable!  
  • Ultimate requires participants to learn the rules and practice the responsibility of self-regulation.
  • BOTH boys and girls in 3rd through 10th grades are invited to create an UltimateSpirit Club within their school, scout troop, neighborhood, youth group, family or friends.     
  • The UltimateSpirit Organization will host ANNUAL STATE-WIDE tournament, and three local tournament in Austin each year.
  • Approved UltimateSpirit Clubs will be invited to these annual events.


The Ultimate Spirit Organization is a Texas non-profit organization, striving to become a Federal non-profit 501(c)(3).   We pledge   to take an active role in conducting annual Ultimate Events for local clubs.

It is our belief that community can be created through Peer Leadership and Self-Regulation.     We are providing this  document  which outlines suggested roles and  expectations of peer leaders who wish to create Club Ultimate.   We support a mission that empowers youth to develop clubs and teams with the support of the adults in their lives.   Our Charter states our goal to develop players and leaders through participation in our  highly competitive, self-regulated sport that is played with a flying disc.

We need adults and parents  in these players lives to help support their practices and preparation for Event Participation.   It is our direction to work with Austin Parks and Recreation to provide field space for Ultimate Spirit Clubs to work-out regularly.

Resources and Information

Ultimate is played ALL OVER the WORLD, respecting each players’ responsibility to regulate their own behavior while participating. World Flying Disc Federation.

The 10 simple rules of Ultimate,  and a message which outlines the Spirit of the Game  can be seen here in both English and Spanish.

Spirited Ultimate in an only an HOUR , is a simplified curriculum is outlined here if you desire to teach your group the Basics of the sport in 60 -90 minutes.

The History of the Sport of Ultimate is outlined here, and also available to use as a teaching resource.  Kids should know How our sport EVOLVED!

USA Ultimate hosts High School Tournaments in certified States.   Texas became a state to host a High School Championship in 2010. This tournament is usually hosted by a local Texas Club each year in early or mid-May.

In cooperation with a Ultimate Player’s Association (UPA) Innovation grant in 2009, students at LBJ High School helped to develop a teaching curriculum to be used in the State of Texas which meets the current TEKS for both middle and high school.  This program allowed students in AUSTIN Independent School District to apply thorough the counselor at their campus to earn high school physical education credit by participating in our OCPE program. For five years, Credit was offered ONLY during the SPRING semester of each school year.  WE graduated 16 students with PE Credit for creating and participating in Ultimate Clubs on their Campuses.   Players were allowed to earn three years of credit for a physical education elective, meeting the PE requirement for the Texas High School diploma through this program.

Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts can earn badges and pins for Ultimate participation through this organization.

Awards and Affiliations

The Executive director, Barbara Denison, sat on the original Youth Advisory Committee for the Ultimate Players Association in 2005; and, was instrumental in developing coach training curriculum, policies of working with youth and the hiring the first  youth coordinator to work to promote Ultimate on a National Level.

Barbara served USA Ultimate as a coach trainer from 2005-2010.

Texas, Ultimate! sponsored a team for the FIRST EVER Youth Club Championship  in 2005.   The YCC is held in Blaine, MN in August, each year.   St. John’s School in Houston, developed a team captioned but Mark Stadnyk, to represent the State of Texas in National Competition.    We won the team Spirit Award that year.   Parents and fans embraced the Spirit of the Game, and created “Don’t Mess with Texas” goodie bags.

In  2006, we used trained and certified coaches to  try- out kids from all over Texas and took a roster with 18 players and 3 coaches.   The Bennett Brothers (Chris and Mitchell) inspired that team.  Again, we were 2006 Winner of Team Spirit Award at the YCC in Blaine, MN.

Texas, Ultimate!  is an approved agency for the A.I.S.D, presenting our curriculum on 13 different AISD campuses.

THe Ultimate Spirit Organization is Community Partners with the Neighborhood Longhorns, the Boys and Girls Clubs, Austin Parks and Recreation  and the YMCA.

Approved curriculum by the Texas Education Agency (TEA) was published in 2012.

Approved Vendor  with the Prime Time Grant  and the After School Centers for Education (ACE), providing quality programming during times when at risk youth need planned activities, before and after school.