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What is Ultimate???

Ultimate is a fast-paced  team sport played with a flying disc, governed by the Spirit of the Game.  Individual players exposed to our program  will learn the responsibility of self-regulation during competition;  practice positions of peer leadership;  develop physical fitness;  learn disc throwing skills; and  practice social skills  including tolerance, perspective and conflict resolution.   


Boys and girls will develop physical and social skills through exposure to a highly active cardiovascular sport, Ultimate!  in association with the Boys and Girls Clubs of Central Texas,  Austin Independent School District,  Austin Parks and Recreation,  and the Neighborhood Longhorns.  Boys and girls aged 8 – 16  will participate in our ULTIMATE Programs, with the support of the PrimeTime and American Century Education Grants (ACE),  on AISD Campuses.  Each school will hold a 90 minute practice session one or two days a week.  Scheduled work-outs  are listed on each campus by clicking the links below.  


Middle School 


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Upcoming Tournament Day…

Saturday,  March 30th, 9am-2pm

Participants will develop teams from those meetings on their own campuses.  Teams of Five players will play five games on a Saturday in late fall (December) and mid Spring (March).    


  • Ultimate is a non-contact, highly aerobic, self-regulated team sport, played with a flying disc.
  • Ultimate is highly cardiovascular and will initiate development of personal physical fitness.
  • All boys and girls aged 8-14 are invited to join the Ultimate Fun.
  • Participants will learn the rules and physical skills of Ultimate Frisbee and will practice the responsibility of self-regulation.
  • Students will receive a nutrition lesson and a healthy snack each week.



Thanks to the kids at Travis Heights for developing this Ultimate Brochure.

See YOU on the ULTIMATE Field!

Please,  download the appropriate registration form, complete the necessary information and e-mail the registration with payment to:   
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