Club Ultimate

 The Austin Sol is

our professional Ultimate team in town, and is sponsoring  club players  by sharing profit from ticket sales to home games.

This year,  admission for youth under 12 years of age is  FREE.    Youth 12 – 17 are half price ($5); and, adult  tickets are $10 for each home game.      A season pass, which includes a ticket to all 7 home games is available for Adults $40 and youth $20.

Please, Use PayPal to purchase tickets for the remaining home games.       Log on to PayPal.com and use  txultimate@yahoo.com  to order tickets.  Please pay through friends and family.  

If you  order 2 weeks in advance, and provide a mailing address;  we will mail the tickets to your home!  

This flyer was provided by the Austin SOL to help our players learn  the basic skills of marketing and sales.   

The flyer outlines the 7 home games, and the Austin SOL gives you a template to follow to make your pitch!  Our primary goal is to spread the word of Ultimate.   So many are unaware of our sport!

HANNAH was the top seller for the 2017 season opener, selling $305 worth of tickets.   She was awarded a SOL Jersey, and got invited to be on the field for the final  Home game (July 15th) at House Park!  

The Austin SOL is giving us  30% commission on all ticket sales.   We will credit your personal savings account, created through the financial literacy program for youth at the A+ Federal Credit Union.

  • Each player who is at least 11 years old is eligible to open a youth savings account.  
  • Those players who are over 15 are also eligible for a personal youth checking account.  
  • There is no minimum balance,
  • The account will earn interest; and,
  • A+ will cover the opening fee for youth in our program.  

In the true Spirit of Self-Regulation, Take charge of your own savings.  

We want help you $ave for your tournament and travel expense  as you try-out for one of the Texas Based Youth Club teams.



A Club Team, is defined by USA Ultimate as a group of players from a geographical region.   Although schools form UltimateSpirit Clubs on their campuses each spring in preparation for the Competitive series;  in National Level Ultimate, Club rosters gather players from a city, state or regional area who do not attend the same school.  Texas presently supports four club teams.   

  1. Texas Swing is an under 17 team, based in Austin.
  2. Houston Helix  is an under 20 team, based in Houston
  3. Texas Two-Step is an under 20 team, based in North Texas; and
  4. Texas Tango is our statewide (under-20 )girls’ team.


We invite all players at least  12 years old (who have completed 6th grade) to try-out for the traveling roster.  USA Ultimate hosts a Youth Club Championship (YCC) each year in Blaine, Minnesota, the second weekend in August.

UPLA, the Ultimate Players League of Austin, is hosting these teams. Please contact that organization for information about try-outs, travel and team rosters.