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Presidents’ Day

 Middle and High School Teams

are invited to participate in a TEAM tournament on Presidents’ Day, when there is no school.   Those who have more than 12 players should create another roster, to ensure that all players will enjoy a full play experience.   If we do not have full teams, we will organize teams from a hat format.  


This Flyer outlines the plan for the day.   Please, share it with parents, teachers and players.   Each team will be guaranteed three games.

Please complete a Player Waiver to attend.    Player fee is waiver for Peer leaders who are helping to bring new players into the game.  
 We will meet at theHIGH ROAD on Dawson, 700 Dawson, Ave.  Austin, TX  78704 at 9am.

All those who are helping to raise funds for travel, PLEASE BRING YOUR CANS.    

We are collecting Aluminum cans as a fund raiser to support travel for players to the YCC  this summer in Minnesota.  President’s Day is a collection day for our fundraiser.
Players who can name all of the US Presidents, in order, will earn a special Spirit Prize.    Start Memorizing!   
See you on the field.

Ultimate!  Play the Game…LIVE the Spirit! 


2016 Results:   52 High School Athletes participated on a beautiful, sunny day at Small.

Teams played each other in one match, a game to 7 points, and scored each other according to the WFDF Spirit Scoring system, which evaluated players and teams on the following components of SPIRIT OF THE GAME (SOTG) 1. Rules Knowledge and Use, 2. Fouls and Body Contact, 3. Fair-Mindedness, 4. Positive attitude and Self-Control, and 5. Communication.

The following Chart reflects the results of the day:

TEAM              Spirit Score    Points Scored /Allowed               W-L

Hays JV                    47/60                           17/19                                    1-2

Lake Travis             44/60                           24/15                                    3-1

Cedar Ridge           40/60                              5/21                                     0-3

Dripping Springs 37/60                            11/20                                   1-2

Hays Varsity           15/40                            21/3                                      3-0

Congratulations to Ian Blount of Hays HS in Buda,  who named all 44 US Presidents, in order, to win the Spirit Prize!

Much thanks to Patrick Christmas, Owner and Founder of the Professional Ultimate Team in Austin, the SOL,  for sending a solid coaching crew including:  Ryan Purcell, MN ; Jason Holleran, FL; Chris Brooks, TX; Daniel Poindexter, TX; and Jerrod Wolfe,  KS; These professionals led a spectacular warm-up for all of our players who were the first to personally meet these professional Ultimate Players, personally.    

We look forward to the AUDL Season Opener on Saturday, April 9th, 2016.    The Austin Sol will take on the Dallas Roughnecks in House Park, Austin, TX.

Thank you to the adults who provided administrative support to help us through the day.    Thanks to Kathleen, Susan and Donna.  Your volunteerism was much appreciated.

Finally,  a very special THANKS to  Student Captains who distributed player waivers, completed rosters, and reported spirit scores for their teams.    Thank you to the coaches and parents who supported these student leaders.   We are a volunteer organization and your contribution is invaluable.  It was a great day of Ultimate!


Only 8 younger players attended the day, representing O Henry, Small and Barton Hills.    Small  had four players in attendance and won the match against Barton Hills 7 – 6.

We enjoyed a beautiful day, with plenty of lay-out practice!

Congratulations to the 6th grade Spirit Winners who recited 20 presidents to earn an Austin Sol Cap.

Jack Donoho-   Small Middle School

Luke Pharis and Audrey Francell- Barton Hills Elementary



MLK Play Day

MARTIN LUTHER KING PLAY DAY  – January 18, 2016    We will meet at the East Side Community Field from 2pm – 5pm.    AISD Staff Training for coaches will be held in conjunction with this event. YOUTH Winter League Registration Deadline.  From 6pm – 8pm we will host a Team dinner at Macaroni Grill, Stassney location.   All are invited to enjoy a pasta dinner.   Reservation required to save a spot at the table!


AISD YOUTH LEAGUE     January 24, 2016 – March 1, 2016

Team Captains, coaches and parents are invited to schedule scrimmages for their teams and report the result of that game to our organization.

Please have all players who participate  sign-in on a roster, and use this form to report the event.


To the best of our knowledge, the following teams are organizing in the Austin Area:


Dripping Springs

Austin High School

Westlake High School

Hays High School

Cedar Ridge High School

McCallum High School

Bowie High School


We will use this information to help seed teams in the President’s Day Tournament (for Austin area teams) on FEBRUARY 15th, 2016; and, the Lone Star State Ultimate Tournament held in College Station (statewide competition) on March 26th, 2016.