Middle School Programs

As skills and spirit are mastered, Middle School players should plan to play more than once a week to develop physical fitness though Ultimate. Choose days to play after school.   

Middle School State Tournament

Those interested should participate in weekly work-outs and are invited to participate in the Lone Star State Ultimate Tournament.  Boys and girls can play on the same roster, for a day of competition.  More information about how to become a club is on our Tournament Page.   


Middle School Work-outs begin the week following the  Columbus Day holiday and end in Mid December.

Download this waiver to Register for Middle School Work-outs: 

  • The Ultimate team will meet next semester at Small Middle School, under the direction of their new coach on campus.  Clint  Small players are invited to join us at other MS workouts during the week.
  • We will play on the Barton Hills playground from 4:15 – 5:45 for Middle School aged players.   Presently Kealing,  O’Henry,   and Clint Small players, are joining the Barton Hills Sixth Graders for an advanced workout on THURSDAY afternoons.
  • The Lively Club will meet on TUESDAY afternoons from 3:45 to 5:15  at Stacy Park, which is a short walk down the hill from the Lively Campus.    Parents can pick up players at the park, or we will walk kids back up the hill to meet the late bus.

See YOU on the ULTIMATE Field!