November Nines

NOVEMBER NINES  – Schools are invited to put their clubs on rosters of 9 players.  Cost $9 per player.  For active clubs, more than one roster is encouraged per school.

UltimateSpirit Clubs across TEXAS will host this event at various locations.



In AISD,    Rosters of nine and only nine players in  two divisions:

I.  Middle School; II High School-  to  be held at Small Middle School

We will play on, Wednesday, November 11th  following the Veteran’s Day parade.  Games will begin at 1pm and we will play until dark.   Here is a flyer to outline the days Ultimate Activities.

Players who wish to participate should complete this  player waiver and give it to your team Captain,  who will tun in the team roster on the day of the event.

Players are  also invited to participate in the Veteran’s Day parade in Downtown Austin.  We will  meet at the High Road on Dawson to decorate our float on Tuesday afternoon at 4pm.

Meet at the High Road on Dawson at 7:45am, on Wednesday November 11th.   We will ride the float to the parade assembly site near the Congress Bridge, leaving the Lodge a little after 8am.  The parade steps off at 9 am, and we will march alongside the float where are special Veterans will be riding.

The parade finishes at the Capitol.  After a brief celebratory address,  we will ride the float back to the High Road.    Breakfast will be served following the parade.  Players are welcome to join in the festivities, and invite friends and parents to join us as well.

Let’s celebrate and show appreciation for  OUR Veteran’s—We have two coaches in our employ who have served our country.   HATS OFF to Christina Flores and Joseph Pena.

Following a breakfast at the Lodge, we will carpool to the playing Fields.   We need parents to help us travel.   Carpool Volunteers should be at the Lodge at 11 am for an 11:30 Departure.   Those who are willing to help should complete the CHAPERONE form, and bring it to the Lodge.   ALL PARENTS,  Please, pick up your players  at Small Middle School at the end of the day, 5pm.