Chaperone, Mentor, Coach!

Together, we are working to take an active role in promoting, organizing, and conducting Ultimate (events , clinics, programs) that seek to develop a high level of community competition governed by personal responsibility and integrity among the youth of Texas.

As we strive to meet this goal, Texas, Ultimate! commits to:

  • Deliver instruction regarding skills, etiquette, and strategy while actively encouraging new players.
  • Provide certified training to captains, coaches, sponsors, and  peer mentors. 
  • Invest players with pride and responsibility for the success of Ultimate in our communities across the Lone Star State.




Austin Parks and Recreation (APARD)

We will present instruction in two hour segments, two days a week  (MW or TTH) at each contracted Recreation Center.  There are 22 Recreation Centers in the City of Austin Parks and Recreation department!

APARD Program Directors are reviewing available programs (of which we are only one) and making selections for their summer  day camps through the APARD Lending Library.  We are making every effort to be scheduled close to where our school programs are being presented so that mentors can work close to home.

Following exposure to our  methods of instruction,  we will provide a competitive experience at  an Indoor Recreation Center, to be determined.

August 2, a Friday,  has been designated as our APARD Tournament Day.   We will play on  Teams of FIVE, following our Fabulous Fives format.     4 will play on the court at a time.  Substitution a player on each point scored (by either team).   One mentor will be assigned as a player/coach to each team.  We will utilize an indoor venue to avoid the heat of the day.


Players aged 11- 20 can earn stipend and APPLY for OUR

Summer Mentor Program

With the support of Austin Parks and Recreation, we will provide an opportunity for players to use their Ultimate Skills and mentor new players, beginning in the summer of 2019!

Peer (aged 11-15) Mentors will work in teams of 2-3  with a Senior Mentor (aged 16-older) to present Ultimate Skills and Spirit of the Game to kids aged 5 – 13 through a variety of community agencies.

We have dates and locations for Austin Parks and Recreation Summer Camp Programs; and, are looking to secure assignments with the Boys and Girls Clubs of Central Austin and After School Centers for Education (ACE).

Players aged 11- 20 can earn stipend and APPLY for summer 2019 APARD Camps


Mandatory Mentor Training  June 3 -7 (9am – noon)   

Mentors may apply for all weeks or only one!  You may work one or two days a week all summer; or,  apply to work in one week sessions.  Mentors should complete the APARD application, to provide personal information and communicate availability.

We require 20 hours of volunteer service before mentors are eligible for stipend.   15 hours can be earned through the June 3- 7 training session.  You can earn hours before the summer starts, during the spring semester, by serving our organization as a peer mentor at our Events.  We present our Sport and Spirit to Schools on Play Day and Field days.   Dates will one posted as they are contracted.  

Spring Event Dates:

March 30   Fabulous Fives Tournament Day (9am-2pm)

May 1st   Dobie Middle School (5:00 – 7:00)

May 8th  Allison Elementary School (3:30-5:30)

May 17   Baranoff Elementary School   (8am-11:00; 11:30- 2:30pm)

May 17  Travis heights Elementary School (7am-10am; 10am-1pm)


After School Programs— Coach Training

We host staff training sessions two times each year  to train staff for our after school programs.

  • Columbus Day in the fall semester, and
  • MLK Day in the Spring semester.
Every applicant should report to the training session with a completed  Application and be willing to consent to a criminal background check.   Upon assignment of a position on a campus  program, Coaches and Mentors will sign a contract which outlines program responsibility and time commitment.   Violation of that contract results in forfeit of stipend, which is paid in a lump sum, upon successful completion of the contract.   
  • All Coaches must be at least 18 years of age , and are required to attend a three-hour training session and complete a Coaches Application.
  • Peer Mentors must be at least 11 years of age, and must also complete the  Application.    Please review and communicate your schedule of your availability for summer employment.   We hope that you will treat this job as a responsibility, as you have the skills to present out sport and spirit to kids all over our city, and beyond!   So, spend a week, or two?    Maybe spend all six with us.   We have only been approved for six weeks of programming for the 2019 summer.  June-August—the dates are on the APPLICATION.   Mentors will be scheduled on a first come, first served basis, and paid a stipend based on hours of service and grade completed in school.
  • ALL Coaches on AISD campuses and  in Austin Parks and Recreation Centers must complete a background check.
  • Coaches who are 21 years of age on AISD Campuses are required to hold current CPR certification.   We utilize a group of off-duty firefighters to earn CPR certifications.  Here is list of available course times and locations and a link to the details of registration through CPR Resources.

Texas, Ultimate! will reimburse coaches for the cost of CPR training upon filing the certification record with AISD.  Texas, Ultimate!  will also reimburse coaches and mentors the cost of the background check, should we employ your services. 



We host a STATE WIDE  annual Event in College Station for Middle School and High School Teams/Clubs.    Registration for that event is on our LONE STAR STATE page.

  • Mentors are Volunteer Captains, usually high school students or college students from school or community clubs.   We encourage and invite everyone who is  willing to volunteer to help lead and organize an Ultimate Spirit Organization.    Click here to see the Club Application.
  • In Austin, we can validate hours of community service for AISD students. For those who volunteer hours at our events, that time serves your life as community service hours, which directly applies to graduation requirements in Texas High Schools.   If you are serving as a Captain striving to develop a team/club anywhere in the state of Texas, I am sure that we can work with your community service program and get your hours validated.
  • UltimateSpirit Team Captains are responsible to submit a timely bid to the LONE STAR STATE ULTIMATE TOURNAMENT and should complete and file a Mentor Application to volunteer for the Ultimate Spirit Organization.